Inner Forth Photo Competition 2016

Following the success of last year's event, IFLI launched a second photography competition on 1 October, encouraging people to capture and share images of the Inner Forth area. To tie in with the 2016 Year of Architecture, Design and Innovation, this year will have the theme of built heritage.

The Inner Forth is a long-established trove of natural wildlife areas: from meadows and bings to woodlands and wetlands. But equally important to the area is the legacy of built heritage and the settlements along its shores and coasts.

Geographically at the heart of Scotland, and providing a trading link between Scotland, the North Sea and Europe, the Forth was, and remains, a landscape shaped by a tight relationship with industry and design. It was at Kinneil, in a small cottage behind the estate house, that James Watt designed his revolutionary steam engine, and across the Forth at Kennetpans a version of this was used to drive spirit production to never-before-seen levels and help to establish the spirit export market which has thrived in Scotland for centuries.

Older, disused or repurposed facilities with a story to tell - such as the Charlestown Limekilns, the Kennetpans Distillery, Blackness Castle or the Dunmore Pineapple - may seem at odds with modern industrial sites like the Alloa Glassworks or the Clackmannan Bridge, but each has played a role in transforming and influencing the way the Inner Forth, and its inhabitants, develop and function.


Voting for this years competition closed on 30th November after a month of public voting on our Facebook page, with almost 1,000 votes cast for nine different entries that captured areas all around the Inner Forth. Have a look at the winners below:

3rd Place - Trevor Griffin - Storm A Brewin'


2nd Place - Isabelle Gilbert - Blackness Castle


1st Place - Ian Don - Bo'ness Town Hall

A complete gallery of the shortlist that was voted is available here.

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You can find more information on the 2016 Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design on the official website.