Kinneil Lagoons – Boost the Roost


Kinneil Lagoons is located between Grangemouth and Bo’ness and is the most important waterbird high tide roost within the Inner Forth, attracting thousands of wintering birds such as knot, dunlin and black-tailed godwit each year. The lagoons were created when the intertidal zone was reclaimed in 1969, when a seawall was built along the seaward side as part of the Kinneil Kerse landfill site operation. The lagoons are linked to the Forth through a series of large pipes in the seawall, which allows sea water to come in and go out with each tidal cycle. The resulting saline lagoon/mud habitat is an extremely rare habitat on the Forth.

RSPB Scotland want to enhance the 32ha site at Kinneil Lagoons to benefit Firth of Forth Special protection Area (SPA) wintering species. A mixture of woodland and scrub management at the south west of the site is being carried out with volunteers to keep the sense of openness, which is so important for these species. Creation of a new wetland for waders on a wet grassland edge and undertaking improvements of the spit which leads into the lagoon would enhance the whole area. There will also be work carried out to construct new viewing areas and bird hides along the foreshore path, re-using industrial debris left in the area. The viewing areas will look out onto the Forth, as well as onto the lagoons themselves, and also feature seating areas for walkers. 

With the creation of semi-permanent water body, there is the exciting potential to increase the numbers of birds using the site. This is a special site, and access and publicity will have to be managed in a sensitive manner to ensure that it is retained as a haven for wildlife.

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2014 - 2016
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