Skinflats Saline Lagoons


The saline lagoons and saltmarsh at RSPB Skinflats Reserve are important and increasingly rare habitats in the Forth estuary. This project aims to create more saltmarsh and lagoon habitats on the Reserve, and make it more attractive to breeding waders like common terns and ringed plover. The existing islands will be topped with shingle, which the birds prefer to nest on. The sides of the tidal creeks will be reshaped, and new creeks created, to increase the amount of saltmarsh, and new scrapes and low points will be dug to increase the lagoons.

This is an on-going project, and to date we have seen 3 island in the lagoon re-shaped and capped with shingle, as well as 300m of new creeks created. 

Project Timeline
2015 - 2018
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