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Help shape work on Climate Adaptation & Resilience around the Inner Forth

From Global to Local: Help shape work on Climate Adaptation and Resilience around the Inner Forth

Today at COP26 is #AdaptationDay - there is a focus on how communities and organisations around the world need to adapt to the impacts of climate change and become more resilient. These are themes that we have been discussing for a while at a local level within the Inner Forth Futures partnership and they're at the core of our recent development phase application to National Lottery Heritage Fund for new work through Climate FORTH: Furthering Our Resilience Through Heritage. Whilst we wait to hear news about that funding bid, we are continuing with prior planning and would like to hear ideas and opinions from people who live work and play in the Inner Forth.

Could you help Inner Forth Futures to shape new work that we hope to develop further in 2022? We need your local knowledge to assist in identifying a longlist of sites, structures, places or spaces around Stirling, Clackmannanshire, Falkirk and Fife that could be made more resilient to climate change and other changes if they were part of a new project called Climate FORTH: Furthering Resilience Through Heritage.

Please add your ideas to the online map by pinpointing the natural and historic sites, structures, places or spaces that are important to you, telling us the issues that are faced and what changes could be made to make these locations safe, secure, loved and used for the future. We would like to hear your ideas and opinions.


Comments from the online map will be combined with other mapped data on climate change risks, natural/ built heritage places and local communities to create the longlist. Subject to securing funding we will use this longlist to help shape future work. Thanks for your help.

screengrab of commonplace website image showing map of the project area