Cambus Pools


This project aims to restore Cambus Pools SWT Reserve, enhancing its value for people and wildlife, and to reconnect the Reserve and this stretch of the Forth to the local community.

Cambus Pools is a nature reserve on the edge of the Forth at Cambus, near Alloa, behind bonded warehouses operated by Diageo plc. The site is leased by the Scottish Wildlife Trust (SWT) and has probably been separated from the River Forth by flood embankments since at least 1866. The pools are on riverside flats and are a prime example of space for nature squeezed in between commerce and industry. This makes it particularly special for local wildlife-lovers and SWT members. Cambus Pools features reed beds, grazed grassland and open water and welcomes warblers and reed buntings alongside waders and wildfowl.

With SWT we plan to make Cambus Pools reserve even better for people and wildlife. Harvesting the phragmities reeds will increase the extent of open water in the West Pool. Volunteers are playing a key part in the restoration of the reserve by helping to control the reed re-growth, to make sure the pools don't disappear as scrub and trees move into the dense reedbed. This management will create a wide variety of grassland habitats and improve conditions at the pools for wading birds.

New paths have also been added, allowing easier access for the public to enjoy the area, and work was done to keep vegetation around the paths under control to ensure they are still accessible. Later in 2016, and moving into 2017, work will be taking place to construct a stock bridge and a viewing screen in the area.

An SWT volunteer at Cambus Pools. Find out more about SWT. Photo: Robert Trevis-Smith


A previous IFLI project at the sight, Cambus Whisky and Wetlands Wander, focused on improving pathways in the area with an emphasis on the built heritage of Cambus and the surrounding area.

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2014 - 2018
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