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Fun events and creative communications are at the heart of this activity, which aims to engage local and visitor footfall with the unique and hidden heritage of the Inner Forth in new ways. 
By delivering events, competitions and visiteering opportunities (volunteering opportunities for visitors), this activity will support repeat visits, longer stays and sustainable staycations, and the economic resilience of local businesses.  

The events will also be designed in ways that encourage visitors to use sustainable modes of transport in their landscape and heritage exploration.  

Participants will enjoy spending time in new ways at sites they may not have previously been aware of, that have a unique story to tell as part of the Inner Forth’s past, present and future. 

This webpage will be updated over time to promote visitor events and activities delivered in the Inner Forth. 

Get Involved

Keep an eye on our Event Calendar and the Get Involved section of our website.  
This is where we will share information on activities, events, and volunteering opportunities for visitors. 

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