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The heritage of the Inner Forth reflects the history and changing times of the landscape and its people. Spending time at and interacting with heritage sites helps to form a sense of place and connection for local communities. The families taking part in this activity will be given the opportunity to interact with heritage in a new way, with a positive experience.  
This deeper connection to heritage is important to Inner Forth Futures, as a partnership, because it is the people of the Inner Forth who will determine the future of the area’s heritage. Establishing a more positive connection will lead to local people placing a higher value on heritage, resulting in a more sustainable stewardship of the area. 
We will reach out to existing, embedded family-focused community organisations in all four local authority areas to engage with families that are less likely to spend time outdoors, to invite them to take part in an outreach programme.  
This webpage will develop over time to showcase how this programme will utilise heritage assets for families, and will explore topics of equality, health and wellbeing, relationship building, life skills and personal connection with local heritage. 

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