Increasing Historic Heritage Resilience

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This activity will enhance the climate resilience of two historic heritage structures that are locally important to communities: Alva’s Cochrane Hall in Clackmannanshire and Valleyfield Woodland Park’s gardeners’ cottage, near High Valleyfield in west Fife.
The historic built environment of the Inner Forth has been shaped by the rich resources of the area, which is inextricably linked to the natural heritage present: from extensive coal and limestone deposits, fertile agricultural landscapes and, of course, the Forth itself, taking products of industry and agriculture around Scotland, the UK and beyond. The inherent connection between centuries of fossil fuel exploitation and the focus of this project on threats from climate change is clear, but there is enormous potential for the heritage of this area to demonstrate how a fossil fuel legacy can inform a climate resilient future. 

As a well-used community hub, Alva’s Cochrane Hall offers exceptional potential as a pilot-project for shaping a route-map to net carbon zero that could be replicated at similar critical community facilities across the council area. We aim to deliver an energy-related project that will transform part of this asset for the community and showcase how community hall-type heritage assets can be a tool in the move to net zero.

Valleyfield is a remarkable lost garden, gradually decaying as a consequence of a lack of investment and prioritisation. The site has the potential to become a vibrant destination for the community and visitors from further afield, if work is undertaken to uncover and unlock the heritage of the landscape. Through this activity, we will deliver a conservation and intervention-related project, with a creative arts element that will secure another section of the wider Woodland Park asset for the benefit of the local community. Hopefully this will showcase how the reuse of heritage has positive benefits for the community. 

This activity – together with Climate FORTH activity Increasing Natural Heritage Resilience – will demonstrate innovative ways heritage can be made more resilient, to become a valuable resource in climate adaptation and mitigation, and provide a focal point for environmental, social and economic resilience for local communities.

This webpage will be updated over time to show how work at Cochrane Hall and Valleyfield Woodland Park is delivered.
Valleyfield Walled Garden “Before” picture 2022 (RSPB)

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