Inner Forth Bike Bus

Objective 3
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Through this activity, we will pilot a seasonal service to make it easier for visitors and locals to explore the landscape of the Inner Forth area. The service will offer a transport link between various pre-defined pickup and drop off points in the landscape. This will allow visitors and locals, walking or cycling in the area, to use the transport service to reach, or get back to, their starting point or a train station. 
Various issues present themselves when we talk about more sustainable, green methods or transport and tourism. Visitors and residents may find themselves exploring a linear walk or cycle point to a heritage spot, using existing bike rental provision or their own cycle, but not have time, inclination, or fitness to return to their start point under their own steam. Public transport provision may also not exist and, if it does, it will not always necessarily be bike friendly.   
To try and help this situation, we will contract an operator to run a minibus service, equipped with new bike trailers, operating on a circular route between Alloa and the Forth Bridges, with stops which link and enable access to lesser-known heritage sites, walking and cycling routes, and active travel hubs. The route and stops, shown on the map below, are subject to change. 
This seasonal transport will be piloted over two years, will be free of charge and run on a fixed timetable. It will be pre-bookable and the bike trailers will be adjustable to carry a range of adapted cycles. 
This webpage will develop over time to share information on the Inner Forth Bike Bus, such as the minibus’ timetable, bus stop locations, and booking system, as well as to share learning from this pilot activity. 

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Crown Estate funding via Fife Council