Revitalising the Round the Inner Forth Cycle Route

Objective 3
In Progress
The Inner Forth has a wealth of paths for walkers and cyclists, which can be used to link heritage assets and explore the four local authority areas more widely. Notably, the Round the Inner Forth cycle route – the section of the National Cycle Network Route 76 (NCN76) that follows the shores of the Inner Forth – offers a great opportunity to help establish the Inner Forth as a cycle destination.  
This activity focuses on revitalising the cycle route to facilitate and promote car-free heritage tourism in the Inner Forth. 
The Round the Inner Forth cycle route links transport hubs to lesser-known heritage attractions, having the potential to reduce pressure at honeypot tourism sites (for example, The Kelpies) and spread the economic benefits of tourism wider in the Inner Forth.

With the aim of revitalising the Round the Inner Forth cycle route, we will work with local stakeholders to co-create a new and recognisable brand identity for the route. This will include a new logo to signpost those using the route. Once rebranded, the Round the Inner Forth cycle route, along with other shorter day trips, will be featured onto the VisitScotland-Sustrans Journey Planner, where a selection of other key NCN routes and linked day trips are already showcased and accessible to local, national and international visitors. 

As well as this, we will showcase car-free experiences available at the destination, by offering a series of downloadable walking and cycling itineraries of various lengths so everyone can participate and enjoy! 

To further encourage car-free travel to heritage sites, we will install a network of bike parking racks and bike maintenance stations to enable visitors to park their bikes and explore the sites, and to carry quick repairs during their visit. More heritage signage will also be installed to indicate safe walking and cycling access routes between the Round the Inner Forth route, lesser-known heritage space and sites and transport hubs.

This webpage will develop over time to showcase the process of co-designing the cycle route’s new identity, to provide access to the new resources that will be developed, and to share information on the new infrastructure.

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Crown Estate funding via Fife Council
Funding from the Scottish Government through Sustrans Scotland’s Network Engagement programme.