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The Inner Forth intertidal habitat - and the species that use it - is threatened by a number of factors, including climate-driven sea level rise, disturbance and new development. Specifically, Alloa Inch (owned by Scottish Wildlife Trust) is at risk of uncontrolled inundation from the Firth of Forth, should the existing sea defences breach. 

This activity will use Virtual Reality (VR) to show communities what Alloa Inch and, potentially, other areas along the Forth, would look like if the defences were to be breached - both in a controlled and uncontrolled manner.  
Through this activity, tools will be developed with adaptability to different presentation contexts in mind, such as full-immersion VR, large scale projection and phone screens.  
This will be an innovative pilot that seeks to use immersive methods to communicate and discuss the often-emotive effects of managed realignment, landscape change (protection versus loss / managed retreat versus uncontrolled inundation) and dynamic site management to a range of audiences. 

This webpage will be updated over time to showcase how these tools are used to engage with communities in a variety of contexts. 
Alloa Inch LIDAR Data showing low-lying land (RSPB)

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