Young Leaders Pilot

Objective 1
In Progress
Recognising the importance of providing a voice for young people within Climate FORTH, this activity will meaningfully involve young people with their local community’s Local Resilience Plan. Through this process, Inner Forth young people will not only develop their knowledge about heritage - better enabling them to make decisions about its future management and use - but will also develop cross-cutting soft skills for the future, including teamwork, communication and creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking.
Volunteer ‘Climate FORTH Young Leaders’, aged 18-25, will be recruited in each local resilience plan community location, forming Young Leader mini-teams in Hawkhill, Fallin, Kincardine, and Bainsford & Langlees. Their involvement in their community’s Local Resilience Plans will include attending and promoting planning workshops, as well as leading activity sessions with existing local youth clubs, who will become ‘Climate FORTH Young Champions’. 
To provide the Young Leaders with a real opportunity to influence heritage-focused decision making, and to build their confidence and leadership skills, this activity will include a youth-led microgrant process for each of the four local communities, similar to the larger Local Resilience Plan’s participatory budgeting process, but on a smaller scale.  
This webpage will develop over time to showcase how young people can become Young Leaders and to share resources for other communities to utilise in their own local places. 

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This project is part-funded by the UK government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund
This activity is benefitting from the UK Shared Prosperity Fund via Stirling Council, Falkirk Council and Clackmannanshire Council.