Wildlife Around the Forth

Whether you are planning a first visit or are lucky enough to live around the Inner Forth, this is the place to find out about its great wildlife – what to see, where to see it, and when to look. 

Here you can browse information about a host of species of plants and animals found in the rich variety of habitats that make up the Inner Forth. There are photos, descriptions, details of locations in the area where you can find them, and the best times of year to look. 

If you want to discover more there are links in the profiles to the many organisations that work within the Inner Forth to protect and promote its wildlife.

We want you to visit our website again and again – but this is just the doorway. We really want you to step outside and see the Inner Forth for yourself. There are thousands of species to discover, many, many places to explore, and every season to enjoy.


From rocky shores to mudflats, and saltmarshes to sandy beaches, the Forth's coast is a magnet for wildlife.

Explore Coastal Wildlife


Spectacular in spring, awesome in autumn, the area's woodlands are full of colour and life all year round.

Explore Woodland Wildlife


The Forth's grasslands and meadows are vital for invertebrates, and the birds and mammals they support.

Explore Grassland Wildlife


The pools and rivers around the Forth are home to wetland wildlife including ducks, geese and many amphibians.

Explore Freshwater Wildlife


Many species have learned to take advantage of the shelter and rich pickings our towns and vllages offer.

Explore Urban Wildlife


Take a closer look and you'll find a wealth of tiny jewel-like plants and animals that thrive on our Mosses.

Explore Peatlands Wildlife