As part of the Initiative, organisations like Buglife Scotland and the RSPB have been creating new wildflower meadows around the Inner Forth, at places like Grangepans Meadows, Kinneil Estate and Fallin Bing. Meadows like these are vital for many invertebrates, like butterflies, bees and hoverflies, which are so important for pollinating our own food crops. We also have many areas of rougher grasslands around the Forth, like those at Black Devon Wetlands Nature Reserve, where you may spot tiny voles scurrying through the long grasses, or see a hunting short-eared owl quartering the fields to find them.

Barn owl

When: Year round, best seen at dawn and dusk

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When: Winter

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When: All year round

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When: Year round

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When: All year round, but most noticeable on warm, sunny days

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Brown hare

When: All year round, but easier to see in spring, and at dawn and dusk

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 When: All year round, best sightings spring/early summer

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When: Summer

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