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IFLI team seeking evaluation consultant to undertake Final Monitoring & Evaluation Review

The Inner Forth Landscape Initiative team are seeking a consultant to carry out a Final Monitoring and Evaluation Review of the programme and partnership during summer 2018. 
The IFLI team are looking to contract an evaluation consultant to facilitate a final learning and celebratory oriented, monitoring and evaluation review (M&E) of our programme and partnership. The M&E review will adopt a positive approach to telling the Inner Forth Landscape Initiative’s story, and how partners have worked to deliver the vision outlined in the IFLI Landscape Conservation Action Plan. This contract will meet and exceed HLF’s requirement for LPS grant recipients to carry out a final evaluation report of their programme. The resultant M&E review report will form part of
the IFLI partnership’s final LPS grant submission to HLF.
IFLI is a large complex programme with approx. 50 projects delivered, fourteen organisations leading on projects and many individuals involved at multiple levels. As such, to help manage and focus the final monitoring and evaluation exercise, we request the consultant to focus on four key areas:
i. Evidencing to what extent outcomes and outputs, income and expenditure have been
ii. Facilitating and sharing learning from the partnership and programme delivery.
iii. Demonstrating value and impact of the programme and projects, including benefits delivered to individual members of the partnership in relation to corporate priorities.
iv. Supporting legacy planning, IFLI partnership next steps and building support for future
Download the brief to tender here. This document contains the full scope of services we are seeking, outlines key deadlines and budget and explains how to submit your tender return by 9am Monday 23rd April for our consideration.

Please direct any queries or enquiries to Tom Churchyard, the IFLI Programme Manager by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling 01324 831 568. Due to staff leave we are unable to answer any queries between 30th March and 8th April. Thank you.