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Let's make every day World Wildlife Day!

#WorldWildlifeDay happens every year on Tuesday 3 March. We have an amazing variety around the Inner Forth, and you can find out more about it through the Wildlife pages. But sadly there are many species that are struggling, because of climate change, plastic pollution, habitat loss and invasive species. Why is this news?

Because 2020 is a massive year for wildlife and the environment. With COP26 happening in Glasgow this November, and a similar conference on Biodiversity planned in China, this is the time when we need to encourage as many people as possible to get involved. Globally, wildlife is under threat, with up to 1 million species at risk of extinction because of the things we as humans are doing to the planet. So let's make sure every day is World Wildlife Day! We can all help pass on the benefits that a thriving wildlife and environment can bring us by thinking hard about the way we live - what we eat, what we wear, how we travel, and probably most importantly, what we ask of our decision makers.