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Future Tides Digital and Outdoor Education Resource Pack

To assist pupils and primary school teachers on their return to schools IFF in partnership with RSPB have created a digital and outdoor education resource, bespoke to the Inner Forth, adapted from Future Tides Project and linked to RSPB Wild Challenge Awards.

The Future Tides Project was created in 2018 and funded by the National Lottery, through the Heritage Lottery Fund. The aim of the Future Tides Project was to build a connection between the pupils, the local community, and their surrounding nature. There are three educational boxes which are free to use by any school, in the Inner Forth.  They are made up of 15 comprehensive lessons, both detailed and flexible, so you can adapt them to suit your class needs. Inside the box, there are different resources linked to mapping, wildlife, heritage, and problems and solutions for indoor and outdoor learning.

In the digital and outdoor education resource pack it contains a breakdown of each lesson, links to curriculum of excellence, tips on outdoor learning and any required materials you may need. There are 4 pre-recorded sessions which can be used alone or as part of a series to learn about the wildlife and heritage of the local area. The topics covered are Forming the Inner Forth, Habitats at Home, Migration and Sources and Solutions to Pollution. Each session includes an accompanying Makaton word to learn, a game, an activity, and an outdoor learning session, which if completed leads to the achievement of an RSPB Bronze Wild Challenge Award! This is a resource and can be adapted to suit individual class needs or used for home-schooling. 

For more details watch information video here

Download The Fututre Tides Digital and Outdoor Education Resource Pack for free here

To borrow the Future Tides Educational Box and Resource Pack for free, or for more information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..