IFLI Photography Competitions 2015-2017

Since 2014 IFLI have worked to help people re-evaluate, re-consider and better understand the fantastic landscape around them. That’s why we asked people to take part in our photography competitions – to share their own examples of areas of the Inner Forth that they may have a new understanding or appreciation for, and which they would want people to see from a new perspective. 

In each year we shared the shortlisted entrants on social media for a public vote to decide what their favourite three photographs were. Below you can see each each year's top trio, as well as all the other shortlisted entries.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to enter their photographs and vote.

2015 - Your Forth Photography Competition 

In 2015 we launched the competition with an emphasis on nature and landscape, and asked people what made the Inner Forth special to them.

You can see the shortlisted entries here.

3rd Place: Kinneil Lagoon Sunset - Steven Angus

2nd Place: Kestral In Flight - Lewis Davies

1st Place: Sunset From Douglas Park - Ian Don



In 2016 we asked people to look at the built and industrial heritage of the Inner Forth.

You can see the shortlist here.

3rd Place: Storms A Brewin' - Trevor Griffin

2nd Place: Blackness Castle - Isabelle Gilbert

1st Place: Bo'ness Town Hall - Ian Don


2017 - The Forth From A New Perspective

Held as IFLI prepared to enter our final year, we asked people to share images of new perspectives they'd gained on the landscape since 2014.

You can see the shortlist here.

3rd Place: South Alloa Sunset - Margaret Douglas

2nd Place: Old Swing Bridge - Kenneth Robertson

1st Place: Blackness Boats - Trevor Griffin