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Wanderings & Windings Autumn Challenge

Walking and cycling challenges around the Inner Forth

The Inner Forth is a beautiful part of the world all year round, but in autumn it’s even more special as the woodlands turn golden, the skies fill again with the wild geese returning, and our coastal saltmarshes and mudflats are home once more to the many thousands of waders and wildfowl that spend their winters with us.

Our nine Wanderings & Windings trails take you through some of the very best of this landscape, so what better time to take on one of our walking and cycling challenges to encourage you to explore them. The routes were designed by the local community in 2019 with day-long walking and cycling trails in mind. They follow a mix of paths, trails and pavements, with aspects of each route available for all to enjoy. However, there are sections throughout that may not be accessible to everyone due to the terrain, access and length, in which case we welcome you to explore sections of the trails that suit individual needs. The challenges are part of the Scotland-wide celebrations for the Year of Coasts and Waters, highlighting the fantastic seas, rivers and lochs that are a big part of what makes this country so special.

Images: Doug Shapley Photography/IFF

How to Get Involved

There are five distances to choose from in both the walking and cycling challenges. Choose the distance you’d like to take on – whether you’re looking for a couple of family strolls, a few afternoon bike rides, a good leg-stretcher every weekend, or a mega challenge to do all the routes over the month! You can start any time from 1 October, and you need to finish by 31 October. The deadline for new entries is 21 October.

You can download copies of the 9 Wanderings & Windings trails by clicking here, including gpx files to use with your phone or other tracking device. You can also download our Explore the Forth app from Google Play here, or from the App Store here, which has lots of extra information about some of the great places you can visit.

Once you’ve decided which challenge, click Register Now to take you to the registration page. Here you can submit your details, choose your distance, and find out all the information you’ll need to complete your challenge and submit your evidence. You’ll receive a free, specially made medal and a certificate to celebrate your achievement once you’ve done that.

Young people under the age of 18 are welcome to join the challenge, but an adult over the age of 18 must register on their behalf, and be responsible for them as they walk or cycle during the Challenge.

It’s easy to provide evidence, and you only need to do it once, when you've completed the challenge. It can be a screenshot of any tracking app you use on your phone or other device, photos of views you’ve taken on the routes, or even simply a log of the distance you’ve covered. There’s a downloadable sheet for you to use. 

If you enjoy sharing photos or stories about your Wanderings & Windings Challenge walks and cycles, we'd love to hear about them! Please feel from to tag us at @innerforth, #WandWAutumnChallenge, and #YCW2020. Thank you!

The Challenge

Pick the means and distance that works for you!

Walking Cycling
5 miles, 10 miles, 20 miles, 50 miles, 76 miles (length of the longest route) 5 miles, 20 miles, 50 miles, 76 miles, 160 miles (total of all the routes)

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