IFLI Management & Maintenance Fund

 Whilst the open Fund is now closed to open applications, a small value has been retained by the IFF partnership to manage and maintain interpretation in the landscape that was installed as part of IFF / IFLI projects. Should you notice a piece of our interpretation that needs repair, refresh or replacing, please contact the team on 01324 831 568 or info@innerforthlandscape.co.uk

As part of the legacy arrangements of the National Lottery Heritage funded Inner Forth Landscape Initiative (IFLI) that ran between 2014 and 2018, the Inner Forth Futures partnership administered a £123,000 fund to provide one-off grants between 2018 and September 2023. To find out more about how the fund was administered through a grants scheme, we invite you to download the following documents:
Who could apply?

 Any organisation or group that seeks to benefit the natural, cultural or built heritage of the Inner Forth area or Inner Forth people and communities. Whether you were a community group and organisation that worked closely with and benefitted from IFLI projects or a group that the IFLI project did not work with, you were encouraged to make an enquiry or apply.

 Where could funding be spent?

 On projects, activities or sites located within the Inner Forth Futures partnership area. Geographically, this included parts of Stirling, Clackmannanshire, Falkirk and Fife local authority areas as shown on the map within the guidance note.

 What activities were eligible for funding?

 Activity that benefitted the natural, cultural and built heritage of the Inner Forth or Inner Forth people and communities. The IFLI Management and Maintenance Fund was divided into two discrete pots, each with their own criteria. 

  • Pot 1: Access, natural and built heritage management and maintenance funding. Actions and activity that will directly manage, maintain or enhance a project that was delivered as part of IFLI. For example, but not limited to carrying out urgent repairs; replacement of tools or plants; printed literature or webhosting; repairs to access infrastructure. This pot has three tiers, tier 1 is for emergency or urgent repairs.
  • Pot 2: Training and support legacy funding. Projects or activity that will support ongoing training (formal or informal) within the Inner Forth area for individuals or groups of any age. For example, but not limited to: apprentice or training schemes; costs to run educational sessions or workshops using IFLI project sites (including production of learning materials); training costs for community groups working on or expanding IFLI projects and themes (eg habitat management, species identification, heritage research/archaeology skills, heritage interpretation, or specialist equipment training).
 We welcomed applications that could show match funding (cash, volunteer or in-kind contributions) as well as those that were seeking full funding.

Between September 2018 and March 2020 we were pleased to be able to support:

  •  The Inner Forth Futures in carrying out a re-print of the Go Forth booklet and refresh of the Inner Forth Futures website.
  •  Volunteer training in orchard management - West Fife Woodlands. You can read the report about the work here.
  •  Tawny owl nest box creation and installation - Falkirk Wildlife Group. You can read the report here.
  •  Archaeological training dig at Abbey Craig - Stirling Council. You can read the report about the work  here.
  •  Wildflower meadow mowing at Grangepans, Kinneil Foreshore and Polmont - Falkirk Council. You can read the report here. There is a separate report for work at Polmont Woods here
  •  Woodland and wildlife activity sessions with school groups - Falkirk Council. You can read the report here.
  •  Meadow management volunteer training and activities at Kinneil Estate meadows - Falkirk Community Trust. 
  •  Training for RSPB Scotland Falkirk and Clackmannanshire nature reserve volunteers - RSPB Scotland. Activity ongoing to March 2021.
  •  Work on the RSPB Skinflats Nature Reserve managed realignment. You can read the report about the work here.
  •  Orchard maintenance and wildflower meadow creation at Zetland Park - Falkirk Council. You can read the report here.
  •  Replacement trees and orchard maintenance at Cambuskenneth orchard - Green Action Trust. 
  •  Additional tree work at Kinneil Estate to open up views to the Forth estuary - Falkirk Community Trust. 
 Since April 2020 we have provided support the following activities. 

  •  Training and equipment for volunteers to lead tours for school groups and Open Days around Clackmannan Tower - Clackmannan Heritage Group.
  •  Work with Carrongrange High School pupils and staff to restore and maintain the accessible Green Roof - Falkirk Council & Buglife Scotland.
  •  Publish and launch the findings of the Two Lades project as a book and enable more research by volunteers - Clackmannanshire Field Studies Society.
  •  Purchase of specialist equipment to enable the ongoing management of a suite of wildflower meadows in the Falkirk area - Falkirk Council.
  •  Training courses for participants /volunteers and development of stakeholder engagement for community garden adjacent to Carron Dams Local Nature Reserve - Falkirk Council.
  •  Maintenance and upgrade of tern rafts at Bothkennar Lagoons near Skinflats village - Falkirk Council with support from RSPB Scotlad.
  •  Wildlife camera trapping project with Falkirk Council schools - Falkirk Council.
  •  Habitat work through the Inner Forth Wetland Network project that is supported by the NatureScot Biodiversity Challenge Fund. Activity took place at five sites in Stirling, Falkirk, Fife and Clackmannanshire - RSPB Scotland/IFF Partnership. Find out more about this project on the Inner Forth Habitat Network page.
  •  Part-time 2 year contract for a project assistant to help maintain and enhance RSPB's IFLI-funded projects through education, events and training work - RSPB Scotland. Read Robyn's report of her time as Inner Forth Reserves Project Assistant February 2020 to March 2022.
  •  Replacement orchard tree planting (Valleyfield Woodland Park, Fife) and brushcutter training for volunteers - West Fife Woodlands Group
  •  Replacement orchard tree planting (Cambuskenneth, Stirling) - Green Action Trust. You can read the report here.
  •  Replacement of the boardwalk at RSPB Black Devon Wetlands reserve in Clackmannanshire - Find out more here.
  • Adhoc repair to IFLI interpretation panels, interpretative markers and interpretative beacons.

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