Access to the Bing

Access to the Bing has upgraded access for local residents and walkers around the Fallin Bing site and brought the adjacent woodland into improved management to benefit a range of wildlife found at the site. 

Around 2,240m paths have benefitted from upgrade works. New gates, entrance signs, benches and finger posts direct visitors around the site.

Thinning of trees will reduce windblow thus increasing safety of the woodlands close to paths and improving wider woodland quality. Coppicing and selective re-planting will benefit the diversity and age of the woodland.

Works took place in early 2018.

Before (2013) images from IFLI team:

After (August 2018) images from the IFLI team:


This project has been funded through Heritage Lottery Fund, Woods In and Around Towns, Sustrans and Clackmannanshire and Stirling Environment Trust.