IFLI Projects

The Inner Forth Landscape Initiative or IFLI is where it all started for our partnership. IFLI was developed by a partnership of eight organisations who came together to take coordinated action to conserve the important heritage assets within this landscape through an exciting programme of work. The work was supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund's 'landscape partnership scheme' funding stream and multiple other funders.

Our vision was of an Inner Forth landscape where the natural, cultural and historical wealth of the area is revealed, valued, enhanced, and made accessible to both the people who live here and visitors. Its important historical and natural landscape would be in good condition, and the future is embraced by a landscape better-able to cope with change.

Between May 2014 and September 2018, 54 discrete but inter-related projects took place around the Inner Forth area. Throughout our projects there were many ways that people could take part. IFLI was supported and co-delivered by a wide range of supporters to our formal partnership and staff team. This included local groups and volunteers, landowners and schools, species specific charities and contractors.

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Wildlife Connections

Black Devon Wetlands

A Fruitful Landscape

The View from Clackmannan Tower

Bings for Wildlife

Bothkennar Pools

An Industrious LNR

Cambus Pools

Cambus Woods

Coastal Clacks Woodland Network

Falkirk Woodland Network

Grangepan Meadows

Kinneil Estate Church

Kinneil Estate Woodland 2

Kinneil Estate Woodland Reborn

Polmaise Lagoons – Wetlands

Skinflats Managed Realignment

The Charlestown Limekilns

A Wee Dram at Kennetpans

Kinneil Pond Phase 1

Glorious Green Roofs

Valleyfield Estate Community Orchard

Skinflats Saline Lagoons

Kinneil Lagoons – Boost the Roost

Wetter Moss!

Access to the Bing

From the Foreshore to Kinneil

Future Tides

Future Tides Legacy

Cambus Whisky and Wetland Wander

Inner Forth Inches Trail

Abbey Craig Path Works

Kinneil Estate Woodland Wanders

Linking Stirling’s Eastern Villages (Fallin & Throsk)

NCN76 - The Missing Link at Manor Powis

An Active Landscape

Black Devon Wetland Trail

Polmaise Lagoons – Education Facilities

Telling the Inner Forth Story

A Walk to the Wetlands

Skinflats Education Room

Polmaise Lagoons - Boardwalk

Views into the past and present at Polmont Woods

Clackmannan & Alloa Park Access Improvements

Action for Nature

Bridgeness Biodiversity

Fruitful Communities

The Hidden Remains of Higgins Neuk

Cambuskenneth Watergate and Harbour

Forth Nature Counts

A Tale of Two Estates

Forth Crossings

Memories of Mining

Like the Back of My Hand

Conservation Volunteering around the Forth

Blair Castle Heritage Skills

Landscape Management Trainees

Conservation Masonry Skills Training

Training Tomorrow’s Talent

Researching our Local Heritage

Drystone Dyke Traineeships

The Inner Forth Festival

Photography Competitions