Skinflats Education Room

RSPB Skinflats is a fantastic site for visiting school groups to learn about the dynamic landscape of the Inner Forth and the wildlife it supports. During the IFLI programme RSPB staff utilised the site with several school groups through the C4.1 Future Tides project and proved a popular destination for the pupils involved. This project aimed to enhance future learning opportunities for visiting pupils after the end of the IFLI programme by creating a classroom / interpretation room that highlights the importance of inter-tidal habitats of the Inner Forth and how the landscape may change in the future through the impacts of climate change.

An existing storage space to the rear of the reserve office was remodelled to create a classroom/interpretation space. Items previously stored in this area were moved to a new container that doubles as a tool-shop for the wardens looking after the RSPB Skinflats and RSPB Black Devon Reserves that have benefitted from new management through the IFLI programme. To decorate the classroom / interpretation space, a designer was appointed to create seasonal themed panels that highlight aspects of the Inner Forth inter-tidal habitat viewed from the Skinflats area. Each ‘season’ comprises three panels that are designed to be hung in the space during the corresponding time of year.


The interpretation room now provides an excellent resource for local schools to learn about the RSPB Skinflats Reserve and the wider landscape. Furthermore, it is also useful for events at the reserve, providing a covered interpretation area from which guided walks can be started.

Prior to this project there was very limited interpretation at the site and as such it was difficult for visiting school/youth groups to gain a full understanding of why the reserve is important and what wildlife it supports. This project has tackled this issue through creating an area that welcomes groups to the reserve, explains its importance and act as a learning space to start and finish their visit to the reserve. The space is open when the Reserve is manned by RSPB staff, allowing other visitors to access the room and view the interpretation. 

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