Kinneil Pond Phase 1

This project carried out investigatory and design works to enable future restoration of the pond habitat at Kinneil Estate, the area assessed as having the highest wildlife value on the whole estate. Kinneil Estate is designated as a Local Nature Conservation Site (LNCS) and the ponds fall within this area. The ponds are part of the wider suite of habitats at the site and in the wider Kinneil and Bo’ness area. They are around one kilometre from the Forth shoreline and Kinneil Foreshore Local Nature Reserve. It is understood that both ponds are man-made.

Splash Gordon, a specialist ponds contractor, was appointed to undertake a survey of the two ponds on the Estate. Following an ecological survey, and desk based research into site designations, a report was compiled. This detailed the current status of the ponds and outlined suggested improvements with associated costs. Amongst the suggestions to improve the quality of the ponds, was to remove dead wood from the water, repair the lining of one of the ponds that leaks heavily, and to erect signage asking visitors not to feed the swans.

Through this project Falkirk Community Trust were able to deliver one element of remedial work by purchasing and erecting signage for the ponds that asks visitors not to feed the swans. The report will be invaluable for the Trust as they seek to secure grant funding to undertake the physical improvements advised.

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