Bothkennar Pools

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Bothkennar Pools lies between Skinflats Village and the River Carron in Falkirk, adjacent to the River Forth and a short walk from the HELIX Park. The site is part of the Firth of Forth SPA and is noted within the Falkirk Area Biodiversity Action Plan. Bothkennar Pools features both saline and freshwater lagoons which formed due to subsidence caused by past undermining of the land. The saline lagoons and reed beds are slowly increasing in size due to this subsidence and are both of significant interest to local biodiversity. There is an area of woodland adjacent to the lagoons.

This project aimed to enhance the wetland and reedbed habitats of Bothkennar Pools to increase habitat diversity and attract new species into the area. Two tern rafts were installed in the freshwater lagoon, creating new sites for breeding. 7.6ha of reedbed were enhanced by reed cutting, clearing bulrushes and clearing drainage ditches in the reedbed areas. New stockproof fencing was installed to keep cattle out of the woodland and reedbed areas, reducing poaching at the edge of the pools. 500 native trees, shrubs and hedging were planted to reduce disturbance by walkers to birds feeding in the saline lagoon, and provide new habitat for small birds and mammals. 460m of path between the lagoons have also been made more accessible to people who enjoy visiting this section of the Inner Forth. Walkers who pass the woodland adjacent to the site will notice selective treefelling which has thinned the trees to allow light to reach the floor and encourage development of ground flora.

The saline lagoon at Bothkennar.

This project was part funded by Falkirk Environment Trust.

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