Bings for Wildlife

Fallin Bing, near Stirling is a haven for wildlife and people to use and enjoy, though remarkably it started life as a spoil heap for the once busy coal mine next door.  Through IFLI, Buglife’s Bings for Wildlife project is enhancing the number and variety  of wildflowers at this site even more, making it better for wildlife, particularly for pollinating insects such as bumblebees, butterflies and beetles. Over the last few months volunteers from The Conservation Volunteers have been helping Buglife plant over 1,300 wildflower plug plants there. A wide range of wildflowers has been planted, including early-flowering species like coltsfoot and lesser celandine, which will bring a welcome splash of bright gold to dull spring days, as well as the striking blues and purples of summer –flowering vipers bugloss and the softer yellows of common toadflax – which some people call ‘butter and eggs’!. More wildflowers are due to be planted  in the future , and scrub will be removed to further improve the site for wildlife and for people. For more information about this project visit the IFLI website page.