Conservation Masonry Skills Training

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Conservation Masonry Skills Training was an IFLI project in 2014-2015 with the aim to train individuals in masonry conservation and consolidation skills. 

The Inner Forth area contains many traditional structures which would benefit from appropriate conservation and consolidation by specially trained trades people. However there is a skills and knowledge gap within the construction industry, with too few people able to appropriately repair and conserve traditional structures.

With Historic Environment Scotland, we supported ongoing maintenance of traditional buildings and enhanced the career prospects of seven people by funding their achievment of the National Progression Award in Conservation of Masonry. Training was targeted at those already within the Inner Forth building sector who were already working, or were likely to work, on traditional buildings. Participants gained the knowledge, understanding and skills to carry out basic conservation works to traditional structures.

Learning consisted of a mixture of time at Forth Valley College and site visits and exercises at ‘Conserve & Restore’ built heritage project sites. The NPA in Conservation of Masonry covers the principles of conservation in the built heritage sector, traditional mortars, masonry materials performance and repairs, consolidation of masonry structures and surface finishing of masonry walling. 

The training provided by the project means that skills in masonry are carried into the next generation, and also ensures there is a group able to continue the maintainance of historic buildings in the Inner Forth, as well as benefitting the individuals in expanding their personal skills and knowledge, and helping their future career prospects.

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