Future Tides Legacy

This project was designed to build on the success of the Future Tides project with a view towards the legacy of IFLI. The IFLI partnership felt it was important that the success of the Future Tides project did not finish with the end of IFLI but left a lasting legacy to enable future classes to explore and understand the Inner Forth.
Future Tides engaged school children across the area with the changing landscape and wildlife of the Inner Forth and built a greater understanding of why the landscape is shaped like it is and how it may change in the future. The Future Tides Legacy project therefore focused on working with teachers and producing a suite of timeless resources designed to enable school children to continue to explore the landscape and learn about its past and future for many years to come. The project was delivered by a community learning office working in partnership with other RSPB staff and building on the resources and experiences of the Future Tides project.
An animation ‘The Inner Forth – Formed by Nature, Shaped by People’ was produced by animation studio Interference Pattern. This details and explains the ever-changing landscape of the Forth through time including what may happen in the future as a result of climate change. You can view the animation on the IFLI YouTube channel
Three sets of an ‘education resource box’ were designed and created by Leach Colour Ltd. Each education box contains fifteen lesson plans (download available below), a large-scale magnetic map of the Inner Forth areas and four resource packs themed around: mapping; wildlife; heritage; and problems and solutions. The resources are designed to be used with primary age school children.The education resources were launched to selected schools during an event at the Kinneil Foreshore in Bo’ness in March 2018.
If you would like to view or borrow a Future Tides Education Resource box for your school or youth group please contact Allison Leonard, RSPB Forth Reserves Warden on innerforthreserves@rspb.org.uk  These resources are free to borrow, but we ask that you please replace any items that are lost or broken whilst in your care, thank you.