Kinneil Estate Woodland 2

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This project led on from Kinneil Estate Woodland Reborn project, and carried out additional woodland management works at the site as per phase two of works detailed in the Long Term Forest Plan.

The selective woodland felling and thinning works opened up a new viewpoint from the Estate thus creating a visual link with the Forth Estuary beyond. Adjacent woodland blocks along the escarpment were thinned and brashed improving vistas. Re-planting with native species has increased the biodiversity value of the woodland by improving structural, age, class and species diversity. With works sited to align with the installation location of a ‘beacon’ (interpretative installation) from the IFLI Telling the Inner Forth Story project, the visitor experience in this setting has been enhanced.

The woodlands will continue to be managed by Falkirk Community Trust through their long term forest plan, which has been developed, in partnership with Forest Community Scotland, for the wider estate. Funding to carry out the next phases of work, as identified in the Plan will be sought through forestry grant schemes, as well as any other grant schemes available. Given the work carried out to date the woodland is now healthier and in a more robust shape than it was prior to management works being carried out, so management interventions in the short term will be minimal. 

The view from Kinneil Estate over the Forth has been opened up / IFLI, 2018.