Cambus Woods

This project carried out management at Cambus Woods between the villages of Cambus and Tullibody in Clackmannanshire. Pathway surface improvements and path widening, alongside a programme of woodland management works were designed to increase access to the site and bring the woodlands back into sustainable management.

During the project, a professional arboriculturalist was appointed to carry out a Visual Tree Assessment of the safety of some larger trees and made recommendations for management that were then undertaken.

The project improved 512m of pathway within the woodland, installed three finger posts and one new kit bridge. Vegetation on boths sides of the improved pathway was cut back to increase visibility and reduce encroachment. Tree safety works including thinning took place over 2.66ha of the woodland and any flytipping and litter was cleared away. Seven new standard trees were planted to replace those felled.

This area of woodland and pathways are geographically nextdoor to the work already carried out through C1.3 Cambus Whisky and Woodland Wander, thus expanding the area of managed woodland and accessible pathways in this corner of Clackmannanshire, and bringing active travel and health benefits to local residents and visitors.

The woodland and pathways run between the villages of Cambus and Tullibody, creating a pleasant wooded walk as an alternative to using the main road. Positive management of the site and improved access for all ages and a variety of abilities has created a safer, more appealing route, and opened up a new connection to the playpark. Management of the site will help to address perceived / actual safety risks by opening up views of the pathway and bringing light into the wooded area.


Pathworks before and after. 

All photos courtesy of CSGNT.