Recording & Celebrating

IFLI aimed to empower communities to participate in all areas of local heritage.

The people who live, work and visit the Inner Forth are at the heart of this Landscape. IFLI provided opportunities for communities and individuals to participate with or lead on projects that sought to research and record natural and cultural heritage features of the Inner Forth that are important to them. There were events for all ages, including walks, talks and exhibitions inspired by the landscape. This flurry of activity aimed to support a momentum of passionate care, enjoyment, and participation with the landscape that remains long after the initiative has gone. Connections between communities throughout the landscape were restored as links with a shared past were unearthed.

Through these projects, the breadth and depth of occasions for communities of all ages, locations and interests to participate in discovery, enjoyment or sharing of the natural and cultural heritage of the Inner Forth were increased.

Reaching Back, Forth and Into the Future

Through understanding the past, what is present within the landscape today and its status; communities, land managers and statutory organisations will be better equipped to make well-informed decisions for the future. Exciting stories will be readily shared, revealing the unique blend of what can be found and seen all around the river. Residents will regard themselves as custodians of their heritage and perceptions of the Inner Forth area will be revitalised. This collection of projects delves deep into the unique features of natural and built heritage throughout the Inner Forth. We will encourage and enable communities to look closely at what is around them and celebrate the everyday, significant and innovative, as well as what is rare and beautiful. We will support Inner Forth communities to actively explore record and celebrate their local heritage.

Inner Forth Events

See nature from a different perspective. Look after a local site. Unearth hidden histories. Develop a new skill. Share what the landscape means to you. Celebrate your heritage. Whether you visit, live or work within the Inner Forth, why not join in? You will be able to participate in unique activities developed from the natural, built and cultural heritage of the landscape. Do something fun with us and help to create a lasting impression of the inspiring natural and cultural heritage found within the landscape.

Conservation Volunteering

Volunteers participating in structured sessions will be able to undertake accredited training in practical natural heritage conservation skills and put these newfound skills to use on IFLI project sites under the supervision of our experienced partner organisation wardens or rangers. Whatever your skill level, we welcome your interest in volunteering with the IFLI partnership. Many of our projects have opportunities for volunteers to participate in one off sessions around the landscape.