Telling the Inner Forth Story


Telling the Inner Forth Story was a far-reaching project that aimed to help people reconnect with the very special but sometimes overlooked historic, cultural and natural landscape of the Inner Forth. Working with local people and communities, and using a range of interpretation methods, including arts projects, interactive web-based materials, an app, displays and boards, beacons and markers throughout the IFLI area, the project aimed to ensure that the Inner Forth landscape is recognised by everyone as an important and intrinsic part of Scotland's natural and historic heritage.

As part of this project IFLI held a series of open public meetings across the Inner Forth area to share ideas and plans for the interpretation beacons and markers, taking place in Bo'ness, Culross and Fallin in October and November of 2016. 

Work on this project was completed in March 2019. To find out more about the project, and find the locations of the beacons and markers, you can download a special booklet here

We were lucky enough to be present at the casting of the first of our Markers, which are being made by Ballantine's in Bo'ness - one of the last working foundries in Scotland. The cast iron Markers are over 2m tall, and watching the skill and craftmenship of Ballantine's staff as they constructed the mould and poured the red hot (1400C!) molten metal into it was an absolute privilege.. You can watch it for yourself on our YouTube channel here.

Marker designs (above) and Beacon designs (below)










Project Timeline
2014 - 2017
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