Polmaise Lagoons – Wetlands

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Unfortunately during 2016 -17 this project was withdrawn from the IFLI portfolio so was not delivered through out funding.

This was one of three projects based at Polmaise Lagoons that were designed to work together to enhance the biodiversity of the lagoons, increase access, and provide local people and staff at the recycling facility with a centre for environmental education where they could discover more about the importance of the site for wildlife and the environment.

This project was designed to enhance existing wetland habitats adjacent to the Lower Polmaise Household Waste Recycling Facility, creating a space for wildlife that people could enjoy, within an industrial site. Initial plans were for two scrapes to be created, with reedbeds managed to prevent them encroaching into the areas of open water.

The other two projects were Polmaise Lagoons Educational Facility and Polmaise Lagoons Boardwalk.