Climate FORTH

Climate FORTH (Furthering Our Resilience Through Heritage) is a new project for Inner Forth Futures.

Across the Inner Forth, from Stirling City to Forth Bridges, heritage and communities have historically been entwined in narratives of change and adaptation – whether that be environmental, economic or societal. Today, changing climate, flood susceptibility, built development, economic change, recreation and covid-19 are putting new pressures on people and place.

What is Climate FORTH?

Climate FORTH will facilitate and demonstrate the transformative action needed to transition to a climate literate, ready and resilient place. By responding to local need and demand, it will explore and share ways for local heritage to be an asset for a sustainable green recovery with multiple benefits.

Through collaboration and co-creation, pilot schemes will explore how new adaptive responses to change can safeguard, sustain and re-purpose our unique natural, cultural and built heritage assets. We will ensure that adapting to change in the Inner Forth is part of a just transition – at the core of our project is supporting our most at-risk communities, young people and those facing environmental deprivation and inequality, to increase their resilience, wellbeing and access to opportunities.

Climate FORTH will make the following differences for local heritage, people and place by working in targeted locations within the Inner Forth’s four local authority areas and 215 km2 landscape and disseminating our findings to inspire further action:

  1. The Inner Forth's heritage is valued and has inspired action to meet Scotland's net zero climate targets and made positive economic and societal change.
  2. The Inner Forth's natural and built heritage assets have an increased resilience to societal and climatic change.
  3. People and places within the Inner Forth have an increased resilience to change, as a result of heritage supporting the economy, healthy lifestyles, sustainable choices and a just transition.

Image of children exploring the coastal mudflats of the Inner Forth at Bo'ness, Falkirk.











Our progress to date

Scoping and initial development took place from March 2020 to August 2021 and was supported by two project officers, Chloe and Kirsty, and members of the IFF Natural and Historic Heritage Working Groups. In May 2021 we produced a flyer to briefly explain the project.

During autumn 2020 we conducted a small series of online engagement events to hear directly from community organisations about what their concerns and priorities were for their landscape and their communities. Participants explored a vision for the future and discussed what might be needed to realise these visions. Read more about our findings from the engagement events here.

These sessions, alongside conversations with selected strategic stakeholders in the landscape, helped to sense-check our outcomes and shape the project’s intended activities. In August 2021 IFF submitted a development phase application to National Lottery Heritage Fund, seeking funding to support further development of Climate FORTH. We expect to hear the outcome of this application in late 2021.

If successful, further community co-design and engagement, options appraisals and feasibility studies will occur in 2022 as part of a development phase. We will also need to secure further community, business and organisational support, secure match funding for the project, and submit a delivery phase application to NLHF that explains exactly what the project will deliver, when, with whom and the costs.

Where would the project take place?

Climate FORTH would occur over approx. 215 km2 in Central Scotland. Explore the area at this ArcGIS Web Application.

The exact location of capital works will be fully scoped and selected by the IFF Steering Group during the development phase and approved by the Board. However, work will commence whilst we await the outcome to our NLHF application (Sept 21 – Jan 22), with the IFF Project Manager with working group and external GIS support undertaking a piece of preliminary mapping work.

What type of activities might the project deliver?

Subject to securing funding for delivery, Climate FORTH would deliver activities across the parts of Clackmannanshire, Falkirk, Fife and Stirling over three years. This would support a move to a greener future and post-pandemic recovery and generate opportunities to share learning, influence adaption and inspire the change needed to transition to a climate resilient landscape in the Inner Forth and beyond. We estimate 5,000+ participants in 13 activities.

This would be achieved using locally-created, measurable resilience plans with participatory budgets for delivery, targeted action to demonstrate ways to repurpose heritage assets, tools and events to promote the principles of 20-minute neighbourhoods, skills development and capacity building, and initiatives to promote local, sustainable tourism. A new Youth Panel would engage a different demographic in decisions about their local places and Climate FORTH’s activities, including through a dedicated micro-grant scheme.

How can I find out more or participate?

As we continue to develop this project there will be plenty more ways to get involved. We want to hear from you! Please sign up to our e-newsletter or Facebook group to stay up to date with events and co-design activities: (Climate FORTHor follow us on Twitter @innerforth.